Jae Jung Jang: The Korean Connection

Mr. Jae Jang with his wife, Mrs. Kyung Hee Jang
Mr. Jae Jang with his wife, Mrs. Kyung Hee Jang

          You don’t have to be a Filipino to help our countrymen fulfill their dreams. It takes courage and commitment even if you are from the other side of the region. That’s how Korean businessman nurtured his love for the less-fortunate Pinoys.

Korean President Jae In Moon awarded Mr. Jae Jung Jang the Korea National Orders of Merits

          President Jae In Moon of the Republic of Korea, has recently awarded Mr. Jae Jung  Jang,  a  Korean  businessman  in  the  Philippines,  of  the  Korea  National Orders of Merits. The award was given to him for his two decades of service to homeless Filipinos and especially those affected with leprosy.
          Mr.  Jang started  from  humble  beginnings  who  attained  success  through  hard work.  His family was  not  affluent  and  he  had  studied  as  a  scholar  in  Korea Maritime University. Later on, he became a ship captain and was able to provide  for  his  family.  Then  he  came  to  the  Philippines  in  1984  during  the Marcos regime and experienced People Power Revolution and even joined Edsa Revolution  in  1986.
          It  was  also  in  1986  when  he  established  his  company  in Manila, UNI-SHIP INC.  Today he handles shipping, logistics and IT businesses. In 1992, Mr. Jang has founded Sorok Uni Foundation, a non-profit organization working for and with Filipinos affected by leprosy and homeless urban and rural poor.  Oftentimes,  people  tease  him that  he  seem  more  Filipino  than  the Filipinos  themselves,  for  he  had  found  it  in  his  heart  to  envision  a  Philippines without  forgotten  neighbors.
          According  to  him,  the  homeless  and  the abandoned, the rejected lepers has to be given another chance in life, they must be given hope and they need to feel the love from the Lord. As a Christian, he believes that Jesus came to this world to take care  of  those  who are suffering like  those  forgotten neighbors,  he  didn’t come  for  those  who  are  healthy  and rich.

          Mr.  Jang  hopes  others  would  also  give  love  to  the  weak  and  needy,  he hopes that the Philippine society will give fair chance and opportunity in life, regardless of their situation or condition.



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