BOI Announced EU Business Group to Visit PH

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        The Board of Investments (BOI) announced recently that a group of European Union (EU) businessmen will be coming to the country for a possible business opportunities that has something to do with green energy. This came a few days after President Duterte lambasted the Human Rights Watch and some members of the Progressive Alliance and the Party of European Socialists who urged the Duterte administration to stop the killing of suspected drug users and pushers and the silencing of its critics. If not, Philippines could be expelled from the UNHRC, and at the same time could lose a preferential trade deal in the European market.
        The delegation is part of the European Union Business Avenues (EUBA) in South East Asia Programme who will present 39 prominent and up-and-coming firms, the report said.
The BOI stated that the visit will be part of the two-leg Green Energy Technologies mission, looking into Singapore and the Philippines in sectors such as hydropower, wind, smart grid, infrastructure, solar energy and biomass. Funded and organized by the EU’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments, the EUBA wants to strengthen the presence of European companies in Southeast Asia.
        The EU has always been one the most important economic partners of the Philippines, in terms of trade and investment. The EU embassy, as well as the EU business community have insisted on keeping a strong cooperation with the government despite the frequent hurdles brought by PD30.



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